The Dining Room is our social hub. We often host functions in this venue such as morning teas, BBQ’s, birthday parties and a number of other events. Alternatively you can relax with a book or DVD from our library and simply relax or chat with new friends. You’ll be enjoying your new lifestyle.

Our Scrabble™ Queens:


Our newly refurbished kitchen and dining room (café) is an inviting place to come and relax with a friend and enjoy a Devonshire tea or coffee and cake. We also provide a two course meal service at lunch time. Our other food services, includes food-to-your-door, delicious pre-packaged frozen meals to take home.  Our café offers a wide variety of food from sandwiches, grills, salads, main meals and much more.

We organise outings for those residents who just can’t sit at home, our excursions range from Townville City Councils annual event – Seniors in the Park, to joining PCYC’s Morning Melodies, to hosting our own picnic at the beach, going to the movies, joining other group’s social activities. There is not reason to be bored when you live at Cranbrook Suites.  However all our social functions are optional, we don’t force participation.

Cranbrook Suites offers the use of a community laundry which features washing machines and dryers. We also offer plenty of open and shady clothes line space if that’s your preference.

Your lifestyle, your comfort and your peace of mind are our most primary concern. Residents can rest assured that Cranbrook Suites Management will provide all three and many more benefits as well.

Seniors-in-the-park, an annual Townville event.


A day at the beach: